Feel the Refreshing Tides Straight on You

Escape To A Serene Retreat

With summers around the corner, splish n’ splash in the water pool is a must. A great escape and chill out outing is provided by the wonderful The Enjoy City resort. Why not just come out of your home and drive to a better place this weekend? Well! The Enjoy City is located on the outskirts of the city in a serene place in the Anand district far away from the hustle-bustle of the urban area. We have a wonderful Water Park that offers greater experience to your family and friends. This is a fun-filled outing for the kids of all age groups.

Beat The Summer Heat Now!

Summer means lots of water rides, pool splash, and unlimited fun. Don’t you just want to cool your senses and envelope yourself in the natural scenic view? If you desire, then The Enjoy City is the best option. Come along with your elders, kids, or even friends and we have creative and innovative Water Rides for everyone. We offer 42+ waterslides and activities for everyone.

“The Enjoy City” is India’s largest Water Park with unbelievable sculpture and a large idol of Lord Swaminarayan in its entrance. People can also relax in the rock garden style sitting area and feel the cool breeze. Below are some of the iconic features of our Water Park that will for sure attract you to beat the summer heat.

  • Themed Water Slides: We do not have the boring water rides or activities, but our designers have put up innovative thoughts to match International Standards. We offer theme-based rides like Zombie Slide, 3 Body Slider, Aqua Wave Pool, Kids Water Park, Tunnel Float Slider, etc.
  • Rain Dance: Immerse yourself in the rainy splash and groove to the Bollywood and rap dance mixes. The people of every age group can enjoy this fun activity.
  • Sail through the Lazy River: With floating tubes, you and your family members can just float across the long “Lazy River.” It freaks you out with its great twist and turns.
  • Water and Open Restaurants: A joyful outing to a Water Park in The Enjoy City is never complete with the lip-smacking meals served in our Open and Water Restaurants. You can opt for the lunch or any traditional vegetarian meal and can have the buffet too.

Book for Other Fantabulous Attractions

Want to enjoy your summer like never before? Come to The Enjoy City and book the discounted group and family packages right away. Call us for more details.