Your Ultimate Spiritual Destination

Feel the Peace in Your Inner Soul!

India is a rich country in culture and spiritual traditions. According to Swami Vivekananda, spirituality is a backbone of Indian people. The entire life of Indian people is built on the bedrock of holiness. Religion is a power to light up and steer to human life altogether and hence the temples are. We, at The Enjoy City, understand the significance of temples in building the Indian culture. Hence, the temple at The Enjoy City has its own importance along with fun and entertainment.

Devote Yourself and bond with God

The temple has the sculpture of Lord Swaminarayan in the center with Lakshmi Narayana Dev and Radha Krishna Dev alongside. Our “Shikhar Baddha” temple has giant a temple complex (Mandir Parisar) includes the separate space for many other Gods and Goddesses like Lord Ganesha, Hanumanji, Ram-Sita-Lakshman, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva-Parvati, Sarashwati Ma, Lakshmi Ma, Durga Ma, Kali Ma, Indra, Surya, and many more.

The temple is located on the bank of Mahisagar. Here, you can worship your god, chant, and perform puja. The peaceful environment of the temple will calm down your inner soul. Once you visit here, following reasons will magnetize you to come repeatedly.

  • Separate Pooja Room: A separate room for chanting and mediation will facilitate you to associate with the God and get peacefulness.
  • Great Carving: The marvelous carving represents the ancient culture of India performed by Rajasthani artisans. Lustrous marbles with the range of texture and color increase the gorgeousness of the temple.
  • Fabulous Landscape: Green leafy trees and pretty floral will soothe your eyes. You can have a walk around the temple area and have relaxation in the garden.
  • Water Bodies and Sculpture: Verities of water bodies like fountains and waterfalls, and sculpture can give you the amazing feel and eliminating your stress. The lighting at night will magnetize you and
  • Your Donation Will Help Needy People: We respect your faith in religion, and we will not use your donation for the commercial purpose. Instead, it will help the needy society like orphan home, old-age home, or to meet the education or medical expenses of in need people.

Other Fun and Entertainment Attractions

We have lot more attractions like Water Park, Adventure Park, Theme Park, Clubhouse, Restaurants, and food zones, kids play area, Sports Complex, Weekend Villa, Themed Hotels, and much more to spend your holidays.