Take Rest and Be Relaxed With Soothing Natural Sounds

Release Your Stress At Riverfront

Cutthroat competition and aim to securing the topmost position has increased the stress in our lives a lot. Whether its students, professionals, or businesspersons, all need refreshment and place to energize to strike again with positivity and creativity. Almost 1 km long riverfront at The Enjoy City will make your soul full of joy and happiness.

In addition, spending time at the scenic and natural place offers great health benefits. You can breathe fresh air, combat-free radicals, and increase the activeness at our Mahisagar riverfront. Let’s plan out to visit it on this weekend.

Fun With Water And Nature

At the riverfront of The Enjoy City, we offer the artistic and attention-grabbing amenities like sitting arrangement and sculpture. Here, you can gather with your family and friends, and enjoy the socialization with the calmness of nature. If you are in a couple, then have a deliberated walk holding hands in a light and cool wind. How romantic it is!

We have much more reasons you to visit Riverfront at The Enjoy City.

  • Food Stalls & Restaurants: You can have delicious local food and continental food zone at regular intervals if you are a foodie.
  • Water Activity: Kayaking or boating at Mahisagar will give you the magnetic experience. You can enjoy this watersport activity with your loved one or friends.
  • Water Park: You can chill out with more than 42 water rides and activity, and escape from the hot summer. Moreover, sailing through the lazy river will revitalize you.
  • Adventure Park: Screaming aloud with more than 45 adventurous rides and activity will experience the thrill and enthusiasm. The kids can enjoy with ATV Ride Track, Kids Splash Pool, Trampoline, and much more.
  • Water Laser Show: You can experience the gorgeous water show representing our culture with a tuneful composition and graceful lights.
  • Flower Park: This is another beauty of The Enjoy City, where you can bond with nature and explore the great collection of plants and flowers. The artistic structure and romantic scenery will take you to another world of blooms.

Green leafy environment and landscape will significantly enhance your experience of Mahisagar riverfront.

Let’s connect with nature again!