Scream Out Loud by Riding Adventure Rides

Experience Your Freak Out Side Today!Do you want to do something crazy that is full of excitement and thrill? Come on, tighten your belts and get ready to sail through the land of adventure just at The Enjoy City. Sounds Cool!  We offer 45+ adventure rides and activities for kids, youngsters, and adults. We refer the adventure rides according to the age, height, and weight of the people.

Our professionals follow the rules and regulations very strictly. We offer fun mixed with excitement so security of the people is of paramount importance to us.

Feel the Adrenaline Rush!

What’s exciting while going on an adventure ride is screaming aloud with adrenaline rush going inside your body. Pretty Awesome, right! The Enjoy City satisfies the adventure cravings of all its visitors belonging to any age group or gender. We have theme-based and thrilling rides that you may have never experience prior to coming here. The main attraction is kayaking (boating) which is soothing especially in this summer. What can be more exciting and adventurous than all this? We also have many great adventure rides that are surely going to hold you up in the air until you feel the ground under your feet.

Grab on the opportunity to experience a greater level of fun mixed with happiness and craziness. Below are few features of our adventure zone in The Enjoy City.

  • Adventure Rides: The youngsters and adults can choose from end number of adventure rides offered by us. It includes Rope Course Activities, Human Slingshot, Rocket Ejector, Aqua Roller, Zipline, Rock Wall Climbing, Net Climbing, and much more.
  • Kids Adventure Rides and Activities: All aged kids can enjoy the specially designed rides and activities just for them. They can go for Kid’s Boating, Rocket Ejector, Kids Splash Pool, and Trampoline.
  • Activities for Youngsters and Adults: We not only offer adventure rides for the youngsters and adults but also thrilling activities too. They are Aqua Zorb, Kayaking, Human Gyro, Meltdown, etc.
  • Provision of Rest Area: After freaking out to your top level and pushing up your body limits, you need to calm down your body too. We have attractive rest areas where people can sit together with their friends and family and enjoy the lip-smacking snacks or luxury cuisines.

Let’s Have A Splendid Holiday With Us

Just come and grab an ultimate chance to immerse yourself in thrilling and courageous activities at The Enjoy City Adventure Park.

For details, call us today at 8000 9000 81/85.