Educating with Fun!

Let’s Make Your Picnic Memorable!

We believe extra co-curricular activities and staying close with nature teaches students many things like exposure, social interactions, inculcating fun and enjoyment factor in their lives. Most thrilling and adventurous things can be found in the Water Park, Amusement Park or Adventure Parks. You also wish to enhance the social capabilities of their students, aren’t you? So, go no further as “The Enjoy City” is a complete package of thrill and excitement for the school students. Just reach out to us, and we will make your picnic unforgettable.

Spectacular Rides and Services

Add magic to school students’ lives by providing them fun time with The Enjoy City. This will facilitate them to interact in a better way with other people, and the touch of fun will add memories to their lives. We offer exciting, adventurous, and roll-on rides theme rides for the school students to spend their day in a unique manner.

  1. Attractive and Amazing Rides: Our Park is one-of-its-kind that is rated as one of the best for the students of all age groups. Students can indulge in various rides and enjoy many activities pertaining to height and weight criteria.
  2. Safety Compliance: We solely concentrate on the safety of the students and other people who are visiting our Park. The Enjoy City complies with the safety standards put forth by the government agencies and abides by it.
  3. Best Hired Rides Designers: The experienced and certified designers have designed the rides who have taken the precaution of second things too. We comply well with international standards.
  4. Provision of Edutainment: Not only, our Park is set forward to provide rides as only attractions, but we have made it close to nature. It helps school students to appreciate the natural beauty too.
  5. Creative Solutions: At The Enjoy City, the students can also enjoy some great games that are overwhelming and enhances the thinking power of the students.
  6. Learning History and Culture with Fun: Our theme park includes well-known heritage buildings and culture of different states along with world’s seven wonders.

We Offer Discount and Complementary Services on Group Booking

The Enjoy City is the best place for enthralling activities and satisfying the fun cravings of the kids. The school institutes can contact us for the quotes and details about the discount packages at during office timings from Monday to Sunday.