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Far away from the chaos of the concrete enclosures, ramping traffic, aggravating pollution and a perfect escape from the humdrum of city life, The Enjoy City is for Fun, Thrill, Adventure and Peace Lovers. Overview
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Beat the heat of summer with splish n splash

With summers around the corner, splish n’ splash in the water pool is a must. A great escape and chill out outing is provided by the wonderful The Enjoy City resort. Why not just come out of your home and drive to…

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Scream out loud, Feel the Adrenaline Rush

Do you want to do something crazy that is full of excitement and thrill? Come on, tighten your belts and get ready to sail through the land of adventure just at The Enjoy City. Sounds Cool!  We offer 45+ adventure rides…

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Explore the natural aromatic & colorful journey

Nature is the greatest treasure given by the God. It refreshes us with vibrant energy. Doesn’t it? If you are plan lover, or inspiration-seeker, explorer, or spontaneous wonder searcher, The Enjoy City’s flower park…

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Amuse yourself with awestruck rides

Why not leave the city hustle bustle to immerse yourself in the world of adventure and excitement. If you are ready for some non-stop fun and entertainment, then The Enjoy City is an ultimate destination.

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73 Amenities
150 Park Rides
200 Acres of Land
280 Hotel Rooms